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Ongoing close relationships are vital in creating a fulfilling life. Studies show that the quality of close relationships is an important component in creating resilience through all of life’s stresses. To know another and to be known is a vital part of emotional wellbeing.

We all feel lonely from time-to-time. How deeply does loneliness affect you? Take the quiz and find out.

  Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree
1. I often feel lonely.
2. I am easily able to share my feelings with others.
3. I am easily able to share what causes me stress with others.
4. I have close friends that I can confide in.
5. I am able to "be myself" around the people close to me.
6. I feel supported and loved by my family.
7. Even when I am in a close relationship I often feel lonely.
8. I feel isolated from others.
9. In the past I have tried to get closer to others, but not succeeded.
10. I want share more of myself but I am afraid to.
11. I feel deeply understood by someone close to me.
12. I often wish I had more people to talk to.
13. I belong to a group of people that I feel an important part of.

No information from this quiz is transmitted over the internet. Please use common sense in interpretting these results. Test results are for entertainment//informational purposes only. When in any doubt, please contact a mental health professional.

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